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„Implementation of a B2B system streamlining business processes between the company TECHNIPLAST KUKUCZKA SPÓŁKA JAWNA and its business partners” 


As part of this project, a B2B system will be implemented to support communication with partners from the circle of 5 partners (suppliers and recipients) of Techniplast Kukuczka Sp. z o. o.

The implemented system will allow for automation of business processes taking place between Techniplast Kukuczka Sp. J. and its business partners, which in the traditional cooperation model involve very large human resources and are very time-consuming.

As part of the project will be purchased the necessary IT equipment, fixed assets, will be implemented specialized dedicated software with individual modules. Data exchange system that will be created for the needs of Techniplast Kukuczka Sp. z o. o. and its partners will be based on the B2B web platform with functional modules placed on it for automating business processes.

  • Project number: WND-POIG.08.02.00-24-073/14
  • Total expenses for the project: PLN 326,040.00
  • Eligible expenses: PLN 301 040.00
  • The requested co-financing amount: PLN 210,728,00
  • The ERDF subsidy: PLN 179 118.80
  • National funds: PLN 31,609.20
  • The planned period of the project implementation: 01/12/2014 - 30/09/2015.

The project assumes computerization and digitalization of the following business:
1. Placing orders. 2. Order fulfillment management. 3. Preview of stock levels. 4. Price update. 5. Transmission of documents. 6. Booking of states for the planned order. 7. View, control and match settlements. 8. Sales statistics and forecasting of demand.